Skytime Jets

Skytime Jets offers an exclusive service to clients who require luxury, private air travel. Providing discreet, exceptional service, they put the customer's needs first, delivering bespoke travel experiences at high-end prices.

We were tasked with developing their in-house customer management system - accessible 24/7, over the web, using state-of-the-art WebSockets technology to deliver real-time data, without refreshing the browser.

They requested a bespoke system with a custom, hub-based web interface that Skytime staff can access; similar to HubSpot.

It was stipulated that each staff member requires fast, direct access to unique information points to ensure they have the most up-to-date details of a client’s service at all times; so that they can bestow the best possible service to their VIP custom-base.

Our task, therefore, was to create a platform that was multi-functional, user-friendly, and in keeping with their existing branding.

We developed bespoke, highly-customisable widgets that meet end-user requirements, guaranteeing consistency of service to their customers. Our module based system includes loading animation and feedback response windows that help improve the user experience.

The interface is incredibly intuitive, and staff adoption of the live system has been extremely positive.

Modal pop-ups and balloon notification alerts are sent to the user's browser, keeping them adrift of relevant breaking news and information pertinent to individual clients.

The mapping interface links with FlightRadar, providing real-time geographical location data, delivered directly to the user's hub.

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