Shop Wireless

Shop Wireless distributes cloud-managed 4G LTE, IoT, and hybrid networking solutions around the UK and Europe. They have 30 years of experience in delivering connectivity services that beat the quality of conventional suppliers.

We were tasked with creating a brand identity for Shop Wireless that combines their fresh and fun company approach with the technologically-driven nature of their services.

We focused on creating a design that expressed the cloud-based/wireless aspects of their business and combined that with simple, clean typography. The aim was to create a logo that works in both colour, and black and white.

We created a simple web mock-up so that they could view the design in the context of a webpage, and could gauge how we had translated their check-list of wants into a tangible product that promotes the positive aspects of their business.

Their company motto is Connectivity Without Compromises, emphasising their commitment to providing a no-excuses, quality service that delivers excellent results.

They provide an online shop offering better-than-traditional broadband services to rural homes, and to boats and marine vessels. They also bring WiFi services to caravans and motorhomes, for holidaymakers staying in remote locations.

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