Nimbus Performance

Scientifically-focused health researchers, Nimbus Performance, engaged with us to refine and optimize their web-content. Our task was to determine the optimal layout for their existing copy so that it displays flawlessly on desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones alike.

Through market research activities, we set out to establish the most favourable format in which to present their information; representing their products in a manner designed to catch the eye of potential customers.

We created a series of mockups, based on user trials and A/B testing, to establish which of our re-designs resonated more clearly, gleaning the most positive user responses.

Having established our prime formats, we created the code that would translate across all of the major browsers, tablet formats, and smartphones.

We built a bespoke shopping system that could be easily maintained and updated by the client - providing a series of custom modules and web components that would allow the clients to edit and manage the CMS, without having to interact with the code directly.

The site is accessible in two languages - English and Spanish - made possible through our precision CMS coding; developed to accommodate additional languages as the website grows.

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