Insight.Uk creates state-of-the-art video for a broad portfolio of UK-based clients. Founded in the north of England, they bring the construction industry to life on film, creating training and marketing videos using drone technology.

Insight.Uk was established in 2014, specialising in traditional pole- and mast- camera work, creating breathtaking, wide-angle panoramic footage. They now focus on high-quality drone photography - providing a more stable and versatile shooting experience for their clients, using skilled operators to capture spectacular imagery.

The client approached us without a company name or a brand. They challenged us to develop branding that was modern, clean, and non-specific so that they attract as broad a customer base as possible; reflecting the fact that they work across many industrial sectors.

We investigated their modus operandi and used our observations to develop ideas for their name. We wanted a name that would reflect the client’s ability to “see” what other businesses need, as well as the optical/aerial/photography/video nature of their business.

We decided that “” encapsulates those concepts - suggesting incisive understanding and the ability to bring a visual concept to life.

We considered “Insight” an apt conceptual framework for a company who focus on aesthetic capture - the guiding principles being the active verb “looking”; as well as the idea that the company capture huge, spectacular panoramas. We experimented with concepts of “looking”, “view” and “vision” as the seed to the idea which organically grew into

“Insight” works because it refers to their company vision - to create an insightful view of their client’s businesses.

We created a clean colour palette and typography sets to represent their business approach and formulated a selection of logos that expand upon wordplay of vision - sight / location - site.

Once the logo had been selected in consultation with the client, we created a graphical mock-up for the potential homepage design of the website.

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