The Covington/Newton County Chamber of Commerce tasked us with creating a website to help them with their mission: to provide leadership in the areas of business advancement, economic and tourism.

They challenged us to create a functional website with a lot of diverse content. We started by creating website mockups with Photoshop, with five different mockups to showcase the themes of the separate areas. The website organizes a lot of content in a logical way, with a complex mega menu which was developed to structure the many child pages in each section.

The website is split into six areas – Chamber, Tourism, Main Street, QOL, Economic and Film. Additionally, we developed a blog system and thousands of historical articles were imported into the redesigned website. The site is responsive with color coordinated schemes running throughout.

Since our redesign, GoCovington.com gets around 10,000 visits a month, which amounts to a 43% increase.

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